About me

My name is Oleksii Vratskyi, and I am a freelancer from Ukraine, I am engaged in website development in different directions for several years, in this time I have managed to work with online stores, landing pages, blogs, etc.

I will be glad to work with you to create together a good product that will allow you to attract more customers, as well as increase the attractiveness of your company on the Internet.
I consider that every word must be backed up by deeds, here are my latest works.

Now I do self-study, as well as making sites for small businesses. Currently learning and actively practicing in their projects: Tailwindcss, vue 3 & nuxt 3, my goal is to become a cool non-standard Front-end developer, also I took a UI/UX Designer course at DAN.it, Israeli teaching methodology.

I use next generation thechnologies to build fast and modern websites:

Also in team we use such technologies: